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  • The Wedge

    The WEDGE is a tool to correct players from rolling their wrists too early as they are about to make contact. It keeps your hands in the “PALMS UP, PALMS DOWN” position at point of contact. The smaller hitting area forces batters to focus on where they're making contact while they maintain proper swing technique.
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  • One-Hand Trainer

    Our ONE-HANDED TRAINERS are different than any other trainers in baseball. They are made from dense maple for durability and have the sweet spot area strategically defined on the barrel. It makes the player more aware of where they need to hit the ball at contact while maintaining proper hand positioning as well. A must have for the serious trainer.
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  • Fungo

    Our perfectly balanced FUNGOS are designed for hitting ground balls, line drives, and fly balls to players. They are solid, yet light, and are a perfect companion for coaches to hit fly balls and pop ups for catchers with more accuracy and ease.
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